Everywhere you are, we are

At Smart Bar we have already gained a great reputation for our fantastic quality coffee and snacks, but there is so much more to Smart Bar than this! From your daily coffee before work to celebrations, office parties, and nationwide corporate partnerships, here are some of the amazing services we currently offer:

Corporate Partnerships

Does your business have a message they want to share? Want to increase your brand’s presence in your area or nationwide? Want to thank your customers or clients in a memorable way?
Smart Bar is here and offering a corporate partnership programme!

Office Visits

Treat your team or colleagues to a visit from Smart Bar.
Whether it’s a regular slot every week, bi-weekly, monthly or just as one off, we would love to visit you.
We arrive at your office, set up and your team or colleagues can come out and have a positive, pick me up to keep them going for the rest of the day, if not the week.
We offer our full menu and can take pre-orders from you.
If the company is treating the employees, we can arrange to invoice the full bill after the visit to the accounts department. All you have to do is book us in to visit you.

Office Parties

Do you need to celebrate?
Smashed the targets? | End of month or year party? | Milestone?
We can help.
We can provide a party at your place, bringing our amazing service and offerings into your offices.
Daytime or night time, soft drinks or alcohol, we have you covered!
Let us know when you want us to help.